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2017 ECDGC Gold Rush Membership Tournament

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2017 Emerald Coast Gold Rush Presented by Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club and Sponsored by Prodigy Disc.

This annual event serves as the Club's Membership Drive and Opening Bag Tag Challenge. Info on the event : 

Location : Pensacola State College - Milton Campus 
Date: Saturday January 14th, 2017 

Sign ups: 8:30-9:30AM
Player's Meeting: 9:30AM
Tee Off: 10AM
27 holes - All AM Pads 

2017 Membership Packs are only $25 and include:
-1 Custom Prodigy Disc
-1 Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottle
-1 2017 Emerald Coast Bag Tag

Bag Tags can be purchased at event for $10, but we encourage everyone to help support the club's 2017 efforts by purchasing a membership pack. 

Prodigy Disc is providing CTP's prizes, Bags, and other miscellaneous items for raffle and ring of fire to help support the Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club for 2017. 

ECDGC_Gold_Rush_2017 11x17.jpg






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Spread the word! Going to be a great Membership Tournament!

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Thank you to the 100 people that came out today and showed their support for the Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club! Out of the 100 people that played, our number of 2017 Members is now 96!! I'm still in awe at the amount of people that came out. Hopefully, everyone was able to have a good time and that things ran somewhat smooth throughout the day. Thanks you for your patience and understanding at the end of the round. In a bag tag round of that size, the end is where the most of the wait will take place and everyone was great in that aspect!

Thanks to Prodigy Disc for everything that they donated, that was one of the best raffle that I've seen in awhile.

I look forward to playing with and meeting most of you throughout the year. It's always a treat to see some new faces and see the growth of disc golf in our community and surrounding areas!

I'd like to personally give another huge shout out to everyone that is involved with keeping this club running year after year: our VP, Ryan Vann, did all of the "leg work" in putting together your membership packs this year! I'm super stoked over how well the water bottles turned out! I hope to see a few in some bags this year! He was also instrumental in getting those items donated from Prodigy discs. James Ireland puts in a ton of time as the club Secretary and has a knack for staying organized and on top of all the pressing issues the club deals with from time to time.

Big thank you's to everyone that steps up and helps work the tables at every event: Cody Casalina, Bobbi Foor, Charles Haney, Octave DeAlminana.

Let's keep growing the sport in NW Florida!

Until we throw again,
Jeff Casalina
ECDGC President

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Here are the final scores for 27 Am Pads (There were throw offs, but they are not accurately depicted below)


Harvey, Matt -15
McQueary, Ben -12
Casalina, Cory -11
Hastings, Robert -11
Harvey, Jeremy -10
Mehaffey, Mark -10
Greene, Josh -10
Winnington, Walter -9
Vann, Ryan -9
Williams, Cody -8
Bowman, John -8
Ezell, Brandon -8
Urbaniak, Mike -7
Swiler, Steve -7
Girton, David -7
Haney, Charles -7
Casalina, Jeff -7
Keller, Ken -6
Briscoe, John -6
Summers, Matt -6
Walker, Madison -6
Rhodes, Nick -6
Floyd, Philip -5
Florey, Anthony -5
Perez, Dan -5
Harris, Andrew -5
Hendricks, Lance -5
Mullens, Tim -4
Fluty, Zach -4
Albritton, James -4
Moser, Alex -4
Kersey, Douglas -4
Yanovich, Jay -3
Brazil, Matt -3
Bain, Gary -3
Casalina, Nick -3
Casalina, Cody -3
Florita, Dio -3
Jackson, Mike -2
Godwin, Shandy -2
Phillips, Kyle -2
Torres, Mario -2
Ireland, James -2
Gibney, Michael -2
Stevens, Andrew -1
Murray, Steven -1
DeAlminana, Octave -1
Mercer, Terry 0
Wilson, Solon 0
Rodriguez, Eddie 0
Pinney, Blake 0
Carroll, David 0
Wheeler, Nick 0
Moreno, Paul 0
Coley, Steve 1
Harper, Fredrick 1
Viau, Tim 2
Davenport, Matt 2
Hill, Jim 2
Marlow, Cameron 2
Clavier, Wes 3
Shenkel, Chris 3
Locicero, Joey 3
Strouse, CJ 3
Johson, Tyler 3
See, Ryan 3
Curtis, Clifton 4
McLeod, Craig 4
Harrison, Dylan 4
King, Chris 4
Palewicz, Jay 4
Hadder, Trevor 4
Van Brussel, Craig 5
Guzman, Anthony 5
Benitez, Trey 6
Chandler, Rob 7
Irby, Leon 8
Mayson, Frazer 8
Lewis, Eric 9
Raymer, Jamie 9
Carson, Steve 9
Mosely, Kyle 10
Lear, Marshall 11
Klein, Robert 11
Ebinger, Henry 11
Robertson, Micah 13
Courtney, Jason 13
Baggett, Hunter 13
Ryder, Collin 13
Dawson , Les 14
Freeman, Phillip 15
See, Dale 16
Wilson, Tom 17
Beckham, David 19
Bass, Ken 21
Ortega, Joey 21
Sheppard, Nat 25
Snyder, Michael 33
Freeman, Patrick 33
Irvin, Colby 39

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