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  1. Hey ECDGC! One of your founding fathers Steven in New Mexico. Question for you disc chuckers out there: Do you play the 2 meter rule in casual play and tourneys? Even when it is TD discretion, what is the most common answer? We have a spirited discussion going right now out here. Btw, I’m coming out there around June/July and would love to see some old friends.
  2. Snap, I have to book it to Tallahassee when I get in (NOLA) on Saturday. I will be returning in time for dubs on Wednesday (at the cove?) and will be "puttering" around Thursday and Friday. I hope to cruise some courses with Captain Panic on one of those days. I will look on the SNDGC site and see where and may pop in to spectate for a bit as I pass through Mobile. See you soon!
  3. Thats fantastic Doggie! Congrats to you and your crew! I am definately hitting BAP while I am there! It will be Thur/Fri next week. See ya then.
  4. I am planning on being at next week's dubs. I am bringing a few discs with New Mexico stamps for CTP's. Bringing Joser's Drone too. Going to be at Sunset?
  5. My schedule changed a little. I screwed up on when the Dad's birthday is. I have always done that! I will get to P-cola in time for dubs on the 19th. 5pm at the Breeze, right? After that, I will be in town until Saturday puttering around. So Matt, Thursday or Friday cruisin courses would be great. I will schedule my house maintenence around your schedule.
  6. You know I'm coming out there to try and exact some revenge on the oaks! See ya then!
  7. I land in NOLA at about noon and have to steal, I mean rent a car to head that way. I have all of Wednesday except for possibly powerwashing my house. I will try and maybe do that on Tuesday evening. I just got my ticket today and was so stoked about seeing you guys again. I haven't talked to anyone else yet. I'll keep you posted. Later Cap'n
  8. Joser, Forgot to mention I am bringing you a disc. Flx Drone! It is the only mid-range I will throw other than my 5 Rocs. It has a ghost stamp on the bottom from the 2009 Memorial out in Phoenix.
  9. Yo fellow disc chuckers! I am going to be passing through P-cola August 11-12. I am going to see my Dad in Tallahassee for his 82nd birthday. I planned this stop so I can make the Wednesday doubles and see you all. I also want to sneak a round in at the Oaks and Gator Links. I hope to link up with some of you! Especially Joser and Captain Panic who I missed last time in town. I will get to town Tuesday afternoon and leave Thursday morning. Can't wait to see ya'll!
  10. I can't wait either! Hey Mikey, Does Thomas want to hang out in NM for a while? He could teach these guys out here how it's done! Sure miss the Oaks....
  11. good one gi joe! Hua! I will do my blue and gold best to follow those "difficult" army instructions. Thanks big time! See ya next week. Except for the seeing you part, I cant wait.
  12. Mike that would be awesome! I will gladly send some of the scratch you are saving me towards sponsorship. Just one question: About what time do they lock up the gate (access) on those nights? I haven't had a vacation in two years and I am really planning on enjoying P-cola. I miss it. Thanks big time bud. Pretty dam cool for an Army guy
  13. Thanks Mike! I will roll in sometime Thursday (lodging permitting) or Friday morning. See you out there. Desert Squid
  14. Desert Squid hopes to see Squidzilla out there. I believe I owe him a disc. I still throw the Ontario Roc I traded with him some time back. What are you throwing Rob?
  15. Hey Bill! Of course I remember you! You drove that great ol 80's BMW that I always admired. Mine looked like crap and then Ivan dropped a tree on it. Hope yours is still holding up. Sounds like you got some great gear to possibly trade. I will get together everything I can. I may be able to bring two 10x tbirds. I also have an 11X too. It is actually candy plastic and in great shape. It was when innova wasn't sure about what to call KC or Champion. It flies perfect. I throw heavy Roc. Usually only 179 or 180. Some of that lighter 170's stuff sounded enticing though! I definately would like to talk turkey with ya. I only played the links when it was in development. I hope to drop by there on the way back to Tallahassee. I am visiting my Dad and sneaking off to P-cola for Mikey's tourney and to see my house I am renting. See you soon.