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  1. Friday Aug 17, 2018, played The Way with Underdog this morning, with an eye on playing the Ace Race next month and getting to see the new chains. We played two rounds, Paul took tags but, I got me $5 on hole three. Air Saint with a nice little hyper, bang.
  2. Thanks to all involved. Good to see some ole faces. It was fun to play but, really really sweet to win one. Remember, if I can win, anyone can win. See y'all out there.
  3. I spoke with the Dean today, about a Badminton project I am working on. She is out of town but mentioned that she got a report that the trash cans are full. I cleaned all the cans on the Cove about 3 weeks ago. Need someone to handle the Links. Thanks.
  4. Dave, what course?
  5. Tick tock... It's about to get hot!
  6. I am sure you have seen the courses on the internet. All the are courses are are listed here. Also info on local tournaments. Check for tournaments in the region. See you out there.
  7. Seems they would want to go where the action is.
  8. Nice, that is a tough one to get.
  9. Glad you like it and thanks for the kind words.
  10. ALL the above bead and pull orders are ready. They all look good to me. Hope everyone likes them. This is a LAST call for beads to be delivered Saturday. Let me know...
  11. Anybody got any 150 plastic they want to trade. Let me know and I'll bring some stuff on the 24th.
  12. Zach, one set of beads and four zipper pulls would be $11. It will only take a minute for me to tie them to your bag.
  13. Charles, that would be $20. I'll have them ready on the 2015 kick off on the 24th at PSC. Zack, how many zipper pulls you need? They are $1.50 each. The cord I use is nice and thick. I have tied them directly to the zipper with great success and depending on the zipper hole, it can be very hard to get a loop in it. I can go either way, let me know. Kyle, got you covered.