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  1. The Pensacola Chain Bangerz will have a team riding over in the morning to enter the tournament. Any suggestions for a recreational team in their first tourney?
  2. So nice to see this happening! This will change the way I've played Langley, hopefully for the better.
  3. Any one have a decent shoulder bag they'd part with? Let me know what you have.
  4. I met a gentleman while playing the Pines that said he designed the "Bear". Super nice guy and has me excited to play the Bear as well.
  5. The wife and I played all 3 courses this weekend @ Blue Angel. WOW! The courses were awesome and just an over all treat to play. As usual we met some really cool folks while playing that were more than helpful with some much needed advice and tips. Courses were clean and well maintained. For those that have never played these courses I'd say it's a must, you're missing out.
  6. I was just reading through the club meeting notes and saw where this was discussed: "3) Hitzman Teepads Jeff Casalina will head this up, and contact City of Pensacola parks and rec. Even if we can't get concrete pads, maybe rubber pads or another alternative" Earlier this month I emailed the City Parks director about the conditions of the tee pads. This was his response to me and I hope he follows through with his intentions. If anyone else needs his email address I have it. Brian Cooper wrote: cityofpensacola.com> Mr. Cook, I was there Thursday and noticed this. I am going to work on getting tee boxes installed soon. Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID
  7. Thanks James! A testament to the type of people in the disc golf community is definitely the cleanliness of the courses. We're definitely down to help out in any way we can with whatever is needed. We plan to join the club and are looking forward to meeting new friends and players.
  8. Intro: First things first. My wife(Tami), son(Trey) and I(Ronnie) are new to the sport of disc golf but have caught on quick. Pensacola natives and will be long time players for sure. Rave: Everyone we have met so far in the disc community has been SUPER cool! I've never met a more helpful bunch of people in any other sport or hobby I've been a part of. Rant: We've recently played the PSC course n Milton. We loved the course itself but left there VERY disappointed with the lack of directional markers on the course and lack of maps. Several times we were turned around by other players and pointed in the right direction when looking for the next tee pad. This seems to be the issue with several other curses in the area too. Is there anything we can do to fix this. I am new to playing but surely not afraid of a little work if I can help out. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ron