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    Innova and discmania discs are my favorite. I collect all molds of starfires.

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  1. Playing first round at Gatorlinks 10:00 AM second round location? 1:00 PM
  2. Lost a purple Roc at whiting or blue angel Lost an orange td2 by the track at Milton PSC Found a vibram on gatorlinks
  3. Innova: McPro Aviar Discmania: P2/psycho Millenium: OmegaSS Discraft: Zone Prodigy: Pa-3 Westside: Shield Dynamic: Warden Latitude64: Sinus MVP: Ion Axiom: Envy Legacy: Clutch Gateway: Wizard Vibram: ? never thrown any of their discs
  4. Yes Jeff I started this since Charles and Kyle aren't available to run the Sunday toss every single week. Some weeks we may join their doubles round if we are both out there. either way we always have one or two organized rounds going around 2 pm at the Milton PSC. If there is less than 8 people we will play singles with tags on the line and more than 8 we will do pro/am random doubles.
  5. next sunday October 11th, I will have a star firebird to donate for a free CTP prize. We may start an ace pot also.
  6. Glow coyote flicked in the air on hole 16 of gatorlinks during the sunday skins round.
  7. October 4th, We had 8 people play today so we decided to do doubles. Jeremy and Bruce had 13 skins Tommy and Brenton had 7 skins Mike and Eric had 0 skins Charles and Matt had 0 skins I aced hole 16 for 3 skins with a glow coyote!
  8. I am going to skip out on running a skins game this coming sunday. next time we will meet up is October 4th. I heard Someone is running an 18 hole pro tee singles round with bag tags on the line at 2 pm at gatorlinks though if anyone is interested. #1 tag is gonna show up?
  9. This Sunday September 20th try and make it out to Milton PSC for a fun afternoon round of disc golf. I will be running this "Skins" round for the first time and I want it to be a singles round but depending on the turn out it could end up being a random draw doubles because we all need to be playing on the same card. We will see how it goes this week. I already have a couple people interested. $5 buy in free CTP prize from donations 20 holes of am and pro tees
  10. I found a Roc on the field hole at PSC with no name on it.
  11. amazing!
  12. I smashed an ace yesterday on Hole 6 of gatorlinks in the dubs round with a 175 star destroyer in the air. No ace pot but thanks to Gator John, Octave, and Joey for giving me the gentleman $5, that was the first time that has ever happened to me.
  13. Discmania asked "which pro shop or a Club should we visit?" on instagram. I said "Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club in Florida" They just contacted me saying I won the surprise package for my suggestion! I think this could mean that they might visit our local area too!
  14. anybody have more info on this? cost and payout details.
  15. These are my zipper tops for those who have never seen one.