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  1. It's Tuesday and one of the most requested videos was how to get more distance on sidearm shots. Those that follow the channel know I'm no expert nor do I pretend to be. I focus on very basic tips to help beginners enjoy disc golf more by teaching basic tips on how to improve their game. So leave some feed back below or better yet on the Youtube channel it's self in the comment section! We have a nice community there who are all out to help each other become better at what we all love doing!
  2. Got my hands on a Caltrop! Have you guys thrown one? If so how does it fly for you?!
  3. Just something I think about when throwing down a tunnel or in the woods!
  4. Next review is up!
  5. First Disc golf ap review is up! Looking forward to many more of these. Today is the Perfect Putt 360!
  6. Long over due.. lol..
  7. "D
  8. Ahh, just going by the title of "new players " but yes what you have is pretty solid either way I personally have broke down the molds I throw. Now down to 5-7 instead of 16-17. Instant improvements
  9. That's a common bag for most season players tbh. An it's a great goal to shoot for. But it's always been my belief that new players should get a roc/buzz/truth an just throw that for at least a month before touching anything that will start forming bad habits.
  10. There will be at least 2 golds out there Though.. your not getting one out of my hands easy
  11. Got another gold tag coming. As well as my girl again. So.for all those ladies that may be debating it.. there will he at least 2 females there possibly 3.
  12. On a second look.. I can't tell all day it's been breaking up. Idk lol