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  1. Big thanks to Jeff, James and The Octave. Great job. Also Nicholas for running the ring of fire.
  2. Aced hole 11 at GB yesterday. LHBH. Fire chicken. Ace number 2. One skip and in. played hole one but decided to play the back 9 as holes 2-5 were loaded up with people. Glad we did.
  3. And Happy New Year to all. P
  4. Sorry. Jeff C. Typing on phone while on throne when i posted!😆
  5. Great work day yesterdy. Mike U Jeff H Matt D Octave James Cotton Gator John and myself. Rob and Paul and his daughter worked on the cove. The course still needs work but the last 2 work days have made a dramatic change to the appearance and playability of the course. Mike U is planning one more work day before the January first Bag Tag round. Pass the word. Lunch was provided.
  6. Note: With the time change Tuesday dubs will move to Sunday as in past years. This will be happening within the next couple of Sundays. Kyle has requested off from work on Sundays and between me, him and Ben we will run this every Sunday, regular just like Tuesdays. In the spring when time changes back we will move back to Tuesday.
  7. Paid Ben yesterday for Tom.
  8. Add Tom Wilson i will pay Kyle or Jeff at Tuesdays round. 3XL shirt.
  9. Might belong to Mike U?
  10. Russian brides
  11. Is the date still the 20th?
  12. I will bring bags for trash cans. Chainsaw. Pole saw. Small and big loppers.
  13. I heard that Kyle had 2 - "TWO" ACES during yesterday's round at PSC! Congrats Kyle! Time to move up to PRO. Hole 5 Cove and hole 17 Gator. I think that is correct.
  14. Octave ACE. Hole 9 Pines Course Blue Angel. Tournament ACE!
  15. This was on Sports Center Top Ten this morning. Pretty cool. Could be you next?