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  1. Thank you to the 100 people that came out today and showed their support for the Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club! Out of the 100 people that played, our number of 2017 Members is now 96!! I'm still in awe at the amount of people that came out. Hopefully, everyone was able to have a good time and that things ran somewhat smooth throughout the day. Thanks you for your patience and understanding at the end of the round. In a bag tag round of that size, the end is where the most of the wait will take place and everyone was great in that aspect! Thanks to Prodigy Disc for everything that they donated, that was one of the best raffle that I've seen in awhile. I look forward to playing with and meeting most of you throughout the year. It's always a treat to see some new faces and see the growth of disc golf in our community and surrounding areas! I'd like to personally give another huge shout out to everyone that is involved with keeping this club running year after year: our VP, Ryan Vann, did all of the "leg work" in putting together your membership packs this year! I'm super stoked over how well the water bottles turned out! I hope to see a few in some bags this year! He was also instrumental in getting those items donated from Prodigy discs. James Ireland puts in a ton of time as the club Secretary and has a knack for staying organized and on top of all the pressing issues the club deals with from time to time. Big thank you's to everyone that steps up and helps work the tables at every event: Cody Casalina, Bobbi Foor, Charles Haney, Octave DeAlminana. Let's keep growing the sport in NW Florida! Until we throw again, Jeff Casalina ECDGC President
  2. ***Information UPDATE regarding the Putting League*** We are now going to be holding Putting League EVERY Monday night!!!! That's right folks, since we've been getting a lot of support from all of you and your friends, we've gotten the green light to come and play EVERY week!! Thanks to all that have showed up, and we hope to continue seeing your faces every week! If you haven't made it out yet, you're missing a lot of fun! Just ask anyone that has come to one of these evenings. If you have been participating, then please keep sharing this information and get the word out there so more people show up! Last week, the attendance was 21 participants!! This is by far the most that we've had in one night, but let's get some more each time!
  3. Nice work keeping on them!
  4. Yes, played it a few weeks ago with Terry, Blake, and Waylon. Cool little course. The only downside is the fact that it wraps around and through the sports complex and if any baseball/softball or soccer games are going on, it's unplayable.
  5. UPDATE, these items have now been sold.
  6. Jeff H.??? You know that dude doesn't get his hands dirty!!
  7. $20 entry gets you the 2 discs used for this event!!
  8. I plan on bringing my camera!
  9. I usually putt with the Warden, but this new Gauntlet feels and flies really good!! They may find their way into my bag!
  10. I should of snapped a picture today, but has anyone been out to Sunset lately and notice that there is Orange paint on the Yellow band of the baskets? They all face the teepad for each hole too. I'm not sure if the city did this or if a group has been going out in the evening and this is their way of marking the basket at night. Anyone know?
  11. Another Ace Race is in the books!! Thank you to all of you that came out to play! Also, thank you to all that volunteered their time in one way or another to make it successful. From planning, getting donations, bringing donations, taking registrations, and everything in between that lead up to today is very much appreciated. A huge thank you to the guys that showed up early this morning to help with the set up, placing the temp baskets, getting flags in place, and working the tables, and anything else that I may have missed while my head was in the whirlwind of making it a successful event. You guys are awesome, and I couldn't ask for better guys to step up and assist. Ben, great job with the putting competition!! I look forward to hearing what was raised for Manna. A total of 12 ACES were hit and 83 metals!!! We were hoping for 20+ ACEs, but we'll take it and I hope you all had fun with the layout. As always after an event like this, we're looking for ways to improve on the next one. So any feedback would be great. Thanks again for coming out and I personally look forward to seeing you at the next big ECDGC event, which should be the beginning of the year kickoff! See you on the course, Jeff
  12. Ok, so now that the packs have been ordered and all of the extra packs have been claimed, a new list is being started. We will call this the "Waitlist". In the event someone needs to back out and is willing to give up their pack, then we will contact the first person on the waitlist and so on. The order of the waitlist is based on when you make contact with either Jeff, James, Ryan, or simply posting in this thread. Waitlist: 1. Jeff Heitland 2. Charles Haney (Les Dawson) 3. Clark Lauer
  13. So has Sunday now turned into a Skins round? Just need some clarification in case people ask.
  14. Thanks James, for handling all the emails this week! Got a couple more names to add. Ronald Bumgarner (mens 2XL), Caleb Ward (YXL or Adult Small), Jarid Day (Mens L). Waiting to hear back from Ben to see if he got anymore sign ups. Otherwise, we're looking like we're gonna place an order for approx 50 packs!
  15. I got 3 more for the list: Clif Curtis (Men's Large) and Bruce Daily (Men's Large) Ken Keller paid via Paypal. Men's Large shirt