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    I love to sling some discs when I can, love playing rounds with my best friends Josh and Austin, as well as my other friends I have made thru disc golf! I have a loving and caring family that allows me to play disc lol. Any day golfing is better than bad day at work!!!!!

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  1. Lost a Blue chalky wizard with the air jordan symbol on it.... Think may have left it on hole 8 or 9 of palms...
  2. Ill be out there tonight...
  3. When u gonna be here Laz
  4. Was pretty sick... Straight chains....
  5. Is this still going on...
  6. I got two buddies who want in....
  7. Where is the fling for food tonight?
  8. Anyone wanna throw today????
  9. Anyone wanna play a round at Uwf Langley or Milton!!!
  10. Enjoyed It Yesterday, Great Showing as Well as Competition.....